The Bank Asset Network (“BAN”) is a proprietary loan sale platform leveraging the largest database of buyers and sellers in the industry

The BAN bridges the bid/ask spread by Clark Street’s superior understanding of bank portfolio assets and the largest database in the industry.   We are the only firm comprised entirely of real estate and banking experts who provide a deeper understanding of the assets than our trading competitors, offering complete confidentiality to sellers and total transparency to buyers.   

 We offer the only total solution in the industry, working with clients long before an asset sale is even contemplated, and then assisting the seller in finalizing the list of assets, and making all efforts to make complex credits saleable.   

 Our preferred sales process is a negotiated sale, which offers many of the same benefits of an indicative bid/final bid process used by many of our peers, with the added bonus of additional flexibility, higher quality indicative bids, and an opportunity to immediately engage bidders upon receipt of the indicative bids.  

 Working with the best attorneys in the industry, we then handle all aspects of the closing, including the negotiation of the sale agreements, and managing both pre-closing and post-closing issues.  

 We encourage Buyers to “join the BAN” by creating a detailed profile of their investment criteria. The submission process filters participants based upon key categories, such as: performance level, desired markets, real estate interest, recourse, tenant profile, loan balances, pool sizes, lien positions, loan types, property types, and loan terms.

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