In order to participate in the BAN, buyers must register by clicking “Join the BAN” on the home page. The registration process is far more comprehensive than any other debt distribution platform. Via a free and private online portal, interested buyers create a detailed profile of their investment criteria. The submission process filters participants based upon key categories, such as: performance level, desired markets, real estate interest, recourse, tenant profile, loan balances, pool sizes, lien positions, loan types, property types, and loan terms.

We strongly encourage you to fill out the profile accurately and provide us with timely updates as your preferences changes. On a quarterly basis, we will be sending out an email confirming or changing your existing preferences. Your information is kept confidential and your information will not be shared with any outside party without prior consent.

When we engage sellers to market assets, you will be notified if the assets meet your acquisition criteria.


Advantages to Buyers

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