The Bank Asset Network (“BAN”) is a proprietary loan sale platform leveraging the largest database of buyers and sellers in the industry

The BAN bridges the bid/ask spread by Clark Street’s superior understanding of bank portfolio assets and the largest database in the industry.   We are the only firm comprised entirely of real estate and banking experts who provide a deeper understanding of the assets than our trading competitors, offering complete confidentiality to sellers and total transparency to buyers. 

Bank Portfolio Management (“BPM”) provides due diligence and valuation of loan portfolios.

In just a few weeks, we can provide your institution with an independent third-party review of a bank’s loan portfolio, analyzing current risk ratings, action plans, reserve levels, and market values (if requested). Our both regulatory and market approach is especially useful for M & A transactions.   

Specialty Asset Management (“SAM”)

Many financial institutions need resources to manage the surge of loan workouts unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic. CSC Specialty Asset Management (“SAM”) provides a contract workout solution for lenders to prudently manage elevated problem assets.   Our team of experienced professionals act as a seamless and integrated outsourced workout solution.

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