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Introducing CSC SAM-3/30/20

Many financial institutions need resources to manage the surge of loan workouts unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic. CSC Specialty Asset Management (“SAM”) provides a contract workout solution for lenders to prudently manage elevated problem assets.   Our team of experienced professionals act as a seamless and integrated outsourced workout solution.  

A subsidiary of Clark Street Capital, CSC Specialty Asset Management is led by   James McCartney, who brings decades of management of complex portfolios.   

Analytical and results-driven, Jim has a demonstrated track record of achievement in loan workouts, real estate debt, commercial and industrial (C&I) financing for both banks and finance companies.

Before joining Clark Street, Jim served in a variety of senior roles with Urban Partnership Bank in Chicago, a community development financial institution capitalized by a variety of Wall Street and regional institutions to acquire the assets of ShoreBank, subject to an FDIC loss share agreement on a highly distressed and complex $1.4 billion portfolio. 

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