Joe Fennessey
Portfolio Manager

Joe Fennessey is the Portfolio Manager for Clark Street Capital Partners.  Joe has been managing capital for two and a half years, earning an average annual return of 35.2% over that time span using a proprietary trading strategy of his creation.

The strategy is entirely algorithmic, leveraging big data and the latest in cloud computing and machine learning technology to identify and exploit inefficiencies in the futures markets.  Fennessey’s bread-and-butter strategy is his Mean Reversion strategy, which profits from overreaction and extreme price swings in the futures markets.  The strategy offers excellent liquidity and a strong negative correlation with the stock market, making it an excellent source of diversification and a high-performing hedge against market volatility.

Joe is also a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Finalyze Capital, a managed accounts platform with more than $5 million AUM.  He has prior work experience at Wolverine Trading and Akuna Capital, two leading quantitative trading firms.

Fennessey is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where he triple-majored in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics.  Like his partner Jon Winick, Joe is an avid chess player, having achieved the title of chess “Expert” with a peak USCF rating of 2045.

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